Fraud & Abuse

Paylitix makes it possible to see the status of every online interaction, payment attempt, checkout, signup, customer, dispute, or point of sale event, not just information that is available at checkout.

And our data appends and aggregations are second to none. Want something more? Let us know, and we can fetch it for you.

There is no other solution that achieves true end-to-end visibility while at the same allowing you to build predictors and decision logic, automate actions, and act at any point in a customer’s journey.


A queue can manifest as a simple list that you can inspect in real time. Queues appear front and center in Pioneer, our cloud based portal, moments after you create the logic that drives them. Click on a record for incredible detail.

  • Action Queues automatically trigger an event: Send a notification to the customer, notify a particular staff member or all members of a role group defined by you, block an IP address, etc.
  • Report Queues accumulate data over a period of time and then snap the results into a report that can be shared.
  • You can also create Work Queues containing events that can be managed and dispositioned by your operating teams - fraud or compliance review queues, for example.


You have complete control over which events appear in a queue. On the fly, you can create logic that identifies a new card testing pattern and blocks authorization attempts. You can create logic that snares account takeovers or money laundering activity.

You are only limited by your imagination.

And we are happy to help you push the envelope through knowledge transfer among our staff and other clients who choose to share their experiences.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell your marketing friends that they can use the same technology in their world. There’s no better way to find common cause within your organization.

Behavioral Telemetry for Payments℠

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