Only PAYLITIX makes it possible to see the status of every online interaction, payment attempt, checkout, signup, sign-in, customer profile, dispute, or point of sale activity.

And bring it all to life!

Drive decision logic


  • Location-driven offers
  • VIP offers at checkout
  • Offers triggered at point of sale based on lift
  • Promotional terms abusers

Understand conversion drivers

Which patterns predict:

  • Conversion
  • Margin
  • Attrition
  • Response

Build powerful predictive models

And understand them

  • Manage risk
  • Optimize response
  • Demystify CLV
  • Get ahead of attrition

Deploy champion-challenger

To sharpen performance

Test new (challenger) campaigns or treatment rules against a current (champion) rule in real time. Built-in randomization tools prevent multiple tests from interfering with each other.

Build customer profiles

With behavioral data

  • VIP and high-yield users
  • Net new customers
  • Seasonal customers
  • Discount deadbeats
  • Customers likely to attrite

Engage customers at every step

From one platform

  • Clicks
  • Offer response
  • Sign-ups
  • Opt-ins

Behavioral Telemetry for Payments℠

Turnkey tools for driving loyalty, managing risk, and understanding your customers.